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    Tsagarakou Ef.

Business English

Tsagarakou Ef.

ISBN : 978-960-8165-96-0

Κωδικός Ευδόξου : 6875

Μέγεθος : 17*24

Αρ.Σελίδων : 376

The book will assist readers to read, understand, speak and write in Business English, so as to communicate fluently and correctly with people in their professional environment. Also, it will enable them to use English bibliography, as well as, translate in their own language authentic Business English texts. The material of the book is presented in 20 units. Every unit has: a passage, a glossary on the passage, reading comprehension exercises, terminology practice-exercises, grammar review, action-exercises, writing-exercises. There are also authentic texts for translation and business correspondence. At the back, also, there is a glossary of special terms and an answer key.

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