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    Κουτσογιάννη Ευαγγελία

Business and Money Matters in English

Κουτσογιάννη Ευαγγελία

ISBN : 978-960-6674-85-3

Κωδικός Ευδόξου : 32998103

Μέγεθος : 17*24

Αρ.Σελίδων : 296


Who is this book for?
Business and Money Matters in English is a reading and writing course for students of Business Studies and Economics at Tertiary Education who have acquired considerable competence in General English and have a working knowledge in their field of study. The material of this course book is of an upper-intermediate level of English responding to the students’ need to increase their effectiveness in reading and interpreting texts in their subject area, and to develop their writing skills in English as part of their studies or work.

Organization of material
The material is organized into eighteen thematic units, which comprise the three parts of the book. Part I focuses on key economic concepts, Part II covers the most important areas of accounting and finance and Part III explores topics on management and marketing.
Each unit is theme-based and the related subjects are presented in the reading texts of the unit. The texts are followed by a variety of comprehension and vocabulary exercises on similar topics which aim to develop the students’ understanding of business and economic texts and encourage them to ponder over the subject.
In the Language Use passages, the cloze technique has been adopted to identify language problems of some difficulty and thus provide the input to the teaching of grammar.
The Skills You Need component, present in each unit, aims to develop students’ skills in writing on specific subject-matter, such as describing processes and graphics, writing abstracts, writing reports, and other practical tasks. To serve this purpose it provides examples of different types of texts to help students see the principles according to which they are organized.
The Language Reference Section provides insights into the process of writing and focuses on the language structures which are needed for all types of writing assignments; students can resort to it when performing such tasks throughout the course. Furthermore, additional key skills are pointed out, such as writing references, making oral presentations, dealing with numbers.
The book also includes a Glossary of Business and Economic Terms and their Greek equivalents, as well as a Key to selected exercises.



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