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    Σταυροπούλου Βασιλική

English for Avionics, Electrical System and Navigation

Σταυροπούλου Βασιλική

ISBN : 978-960-6674-82-2

Κωδικός Ευδόξου : 32997819

Μέγεθος : 21*29,7

Αρ.Σελίδων : 544

Student’s Book & Workbook

English is the international language of aviation –and therefore the language most frequently used in technical and maintenance documents–, but it is often not the native language of the maintenance personnel who use technical manuals. As a result, complex technical instructions can be misunderstood by those without strong English language skills. A misunderstanding of instructions can lead to accidents. A study on language errors in aviation maintenance found that the most common errors occur in both written and spoken English. The study also revealed that maintenance personnel with better reading skills made fewer language errors. Consequently, improving the language skills of aviation professionals can have a significant impact on communication, which can lead to improved aviation safety.
English for Avionics, Electrical Systems and Navigation (Student’s Book, Volume 1) focuses on aviation English used for communication purposes by avionics and electrical engineers, as well as by pilots. It focuses on the learners’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills and presents some of the most important lexical items and expressions that engineers, engineering technicians and pilots need in their work environment. Grammar practice is provided, and the target structures are contextualized in each unit.
English for Avionics, Electrical Systems and Navigation (Student’s Book, Volume 1) does not aim at teaching the subject-matter of aeronautical engineering. The purpose of the book is to show how language is used as a medium for communication in aviationrelated settings, and to give students a comprehensive grounding in communication skills in English.
This book consists of two volumes (the Student’s Book – Volume 1, and the Workbook – Volume 2). The Workbook (Volume 2) contains activities and exercises based on the skills and vocabulary covered in the Student’s Book. It is aimed at consolidating the material covered in each unit. It also contains a bilingual (English-Greek) glossary of vocabulary used in the Student’s Book.

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