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    Daniel Ir., Tsagarakou Ef.,

Business life

Daniel Ir., Tsagarakou Ef.,

ISBN : 978-960-7344-76-2

Κωδικός Ευδόξου : 7082

Μέγεθος : 17*24

Αρ.Σελίδων : 392

The book contains 17 chapters, 2 of which are assessment tests composed of several grammar revision items. The running order of a chapter is: a passage with glossary, reading comprehension-exercises helping to read, understand and enjoy the reading passage, vocabulary practice, structural practice, communication activity and puzzle-in an enjoyable way helping to practice the most complicated words and terms of the passage. After the last chapter there is a general glossary of all the words included in the book and there are appendices referring to the Irregular Verbs, the Sounds of English and the British Currency. At the end of the book there is an answer key to all shorts of exercises provided for self-correction.

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