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    Λαμπράκου-Μπίτη Γεωργία, Βατίδου Μαρία,

Technical english for Civil, Engineers, Surveyors and Architects (2η έκδ.)

Λαμπράκου-Μπίτη Γεωργία, Βατίδου Μαρία,

ISBN : 978-960-6674-39-6

Κωδικός Ευδόξου : 13513

Μέγεθος : 17*24

Αρ.Σελίδων : 368

Technical English for Civil Engineers, Surveyors and Architects contains 14 units based on authentic text material provided with illustrations and diagrams. Emphasis is placed on reading and understanding which is checked through a variety of exercises and activities. Each unit begins with a reading passage that deals with building construction, architectural theory or surveying followed by comprehension questions on the passage. True/False statements and multiple choice exercises. The Language work which follows contains notes on particular points of grammar with exercises on those points. At the end of each unit there is terminology including words and terms referred to each unit. Appendix contains technical reports referring to different situations intended to develop reading and writing skills.

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